How to make Home made Cocktails : Defend your community from Zanu-Pf Terrorists

What are Molotov cocktails?

Molotov cocktails are homemade explosives made from flammable substances in a thick glass container, such as a bottle of wine, champagne or whiskey. With this type of explosives, Zimbabweans civilians can help to keep the main cities of the country, safe from the . Its time to rise up as civilians and do whatever it takes to liberate Zimbabwe from Zanu-Pf Oppression.

Our Only hope as a nation lies in civil disobedience, the enemy does not understand any other language except the language of violence. We are the majority, we can’t be underdogs of a Zanu-Pf illegimate minority regime forever.

We can’t continue to run away to neighbouring countries because we no longer welcome.

Recently killings and Arrests of CCC leaders are reminder that we are at war with Zanu-Pf but we should not be afraid. We shall win this war.

Zanu-Pf should not underestimate the determination and will of Zimbabweans to liberate themselves from its oppression.

The enemy shall be crushed

Aluta Continua

Viva Chimurenga!!!!

Enough is Enough


Source Chimurenga Brigade

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