#Zanu-PfTerror : The Butcher blames Nyatsime Violence on Opposition

Addressing mourners at the burial of national hero, Major General (Retired) Sydney Bhebe at the National Heroes Acre this Monday, Mnangagwa said the government will not stand by and watch while detractors engage in violence.

The levels and intensity of falsehoods being peddled by some opposition political parties to whip their supporters into orgies of violence, hate and disharmony, is now extremely worrisome and my Administration will not stand by and watch. Zimbabwe is a peaceful country and this culture is alien to our society under the Second Republic. The law will take effect and its application will be without fear or favour. No one is above the law. I, thus, call upon our communities throughout the country to be vigilant against these destabilising and hateful political parties,” he said.

He added, “This time, the destabilising and violent theatrics by opposition elements are being done ahead of the CHOGM meeting in Rwanda. Shame on you, if you are the leader of a political party which thrives on violence and the insecurity of our people, to be relevant. Shame – shame – shame on you!” said Mnangagwa .

He castigated opposition elements who unleashed violence in the Nyatsime area of Chitungwiza following the brutal killing of Moreblessing Ali.

“What happened recently in the Nyatsime Township of Chitungwiza is deplorable and should never be repeated. The nation is now familiar with these shenanigans and incidences of staged violence, which are designed to tarnish the image of Zimbabwe, especially ahead of major international meetings.

The Mnangagwa urged the Zanu-Pf to be alert and be wary of the shenanigans of the enemy.

Additional sources – ByoNews24

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